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Vision Footcare India Pvt Ltd. was established in 2010. the promoters of the company having a very rich experience in footwear since in 1980 and has successfully paved its way into the 21st century footwear brand Calcetto, which aims to offer an empowered sense of comfort and a playfully daring spirit.

Using high-end machinery and world class technology for production, Calcetto has come a long way in designing and manufacturing a large variety of footwear ranging from casuals to formals for all age groups. Each footwear is crafted with immense thought and is a result of highly experienced workmanship.

Research and development is regarded as one of the utmost important element in the quest for quality footwear in Calcetto. tireless research, continuous development and using the information intelligently for the manufacturing of its footwear is what has shaped up the personality of the brand today. A dedicated R&D team works continuously to understand the latest market trends and consumer expectations.

Founder's Message

Calcetto believes in proper manpower training and empowerment which is why the brand has achieved amazing results in comfort and has woven it tirelessly with customer satisfaction.

The highly experienced and dedicated manpower at Calcetto continuously worktowards achieving total comfort, durability and style of each footwear to fit individual needs of every consumer.

The first retail store was opened in 2015 in New Delhi and has continued to spread nationally at a rapid speed. Calcetto aims to create a special place in the hearts and minds of its customers and remain true to its commitment.